Where To Eat Downtown Denver: Noble Riot Wine Bar


Noble Riot Wine Bar 1336 27th Street, Denver, Colorado 80205

On our recent trip to Denver, my husband and I decided to check out the local food scene and ended up at Noble Riot in the River North Art District. The place has a buzz about it, and we quickly saw why—it’s even won some big awards like Best Wine Bar!

I am sharing with you today all about Noble Riot and why it’s a must for a date night in Denver or if you’re looking for a fun place to hang out with friends.

Where To Eat Downtown Denver: Noble Riot Wine Bar

Outside of Riot Noble | River North Art District

The first thing you notice walking up are these amazing murals by Denver artists. Inside, the vibe is just as cool with its exposed brick walls and large, old factory windows that invited the outside in, creating a perfectly cozy yet distinctly urban feel.

Right when we walked in, they made us feel super welcome. They checked our IDs at the door and as we were sat at our table we received an espresso cup of warm mulled wine. It was SO good and really kicked off the start of our night.

Choosing what to drink was tough because everything looked good. We went for two wine flights which were beautifully presented. We saw that Noble Riot offers Orange Wine which we’ve never even heard of, let alone tasted. 

Exploring the Wine Flights at Noble Riot

  • Flight #1: Taste the Rainbow, featured a selection starting with the crisp Huia Sauvignon Blanc, moving through the intriguing Enderle & Moll Orange Wine, and finishing with the Sebestyen Mozaik Bikaver Merlot. Each wine was distinct, offering a new perspective on traditional and modern winemaking.
Where To Eat Downtown Denver: Noble Riot Wine Bar

Wine Bar Denver | Noble Riot Denver | Orange Wine Flight

  • Flight #2: Red Head, began with the robust Bodegas Maranones Garnacha and concluded with the deep and earthy Grifalco from Basilicata, Italy, a true testament to the diversity of red wines.

After enjoying the wine flight, we decided to dive right into the local favorites—Riot Fries and the Gluten-Free Fried Chicken Bucket, both of which came highly recommended. The fries were perfectly seasoned and addictive, while the fried chicken was a revelation—crispy on the outside and succulent inside, proving that gluten-free can be delicious. The housemade potato salad served as a creamy, comforting side that perfectly complemented the meal.

The staff at Noble Riot were amazing and really knew their stuff. While we were learning about these incredible wines and really opening up our taste buds- we felt we were allowed to have fun with the tasting and our server was light hearted and fun to chat with.

One things I was worried about before coming is that there wouldn’t be enough food to make it “dinner” and that we would drink with only bites. We were so wrong! We left SO FULL and as I’m writing this my mouth is literally watering crazing their Gluten-Free Fried Chicken Bucket.

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Best Fried Chicken in Denver, Noble Riot Denver. The bucket of chicken was perfect for 2 people and we left full!

Our night at Noble Riot was more than just dinner; it was an awesome experience that mixed great food and wine with the artsy vibe of Denver. Whether you’re on a date night or out with friends, Noble Riot provides a backdrop that’s sure to inspire and delight. As we left, the vibrant energy of RiNo and the warm glow from the wine bar called us to promise we’d return.

Noble Riot isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a place to experience the heartbeat of Denver, one sip at a time.

OH! And one of the coolest parts about Noble Riot, is when you’re done with your meal they bring a postcard with your check. Fill it out and they will mail it for you. I LOVED the unique touch and attention to detail. I sent mine to my mom and within a week or so she received it.

You can learn more about Noble Riot here to plan your next date night in denver. Noble Riot is a must stop while in Denver and we are already planning our next trip!

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I poured myself a little more than Chad for the tasting! It was so good but he made me even it out!

Cheers, xoxo!