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Our Side Of The Rainbow

I have been putting off writing this post for about 8 months now. I go back and forth from not wanting to dwell to wanting to share my story. The year and a half my husband and I struggled I spent almost every waking moment searching the internet for someone who
Journal Prompts

JOURNAL PROMPT #12- Social Life

Why are having friends important to you? Why is having a healthy social life important to you? What does your current social life look like? Who are your friends? How often do you talk to your friends? How often do you see them? What things do you like to do with
Journal Prompts

JOURNAL PROMPT #11- Enjoyment

What makes you truly happy in life? Is it spending time with your loved ones? What about the sound of your dog playing? Is it the birds chirping? Or reading a book listening to the rain? Really concentrate on an activity, person, or place that brings out total enjoyment
Journal Prompts


What does “family” mean to you? What kind of relationships do you have in your intermediate family? How has the family you’ve been born into actively influence your life thus far?Looking back through your childhood, and family relationships, is there anyone that you can easily give forgiveness too? If so, is
Journal Prompts


When was the last time you got on Instagram and saw someone with a shiny new toy or on a lavish vacation and thought, “why can’t that be me?!” and instead of feeling happy for them, you felt annoyed, jealous, and bitter. They are so obnoxious! They are so
Journal Prompts

JOURNAL PROMPT #8-Environment

Let’s take a moment to look at what we surround ourselves with in our home, friends, family, and work. It’s time we are brutally honest with ourselves and take a hard look at the direction we want our life to go in. Do our surroundings support those goals and