You Deserve Millions of Dollars


I have been wanting to write this post for months honestly. After listening to a few of my favorite motivational YouTube videos, I finally decided to sit down and get it started.  Lately, I have felt so liberated, free, and full of potential. I feel like there is so much opportunity in the world, and I can have it all.

I hope you feel the same way because the Universe is your playground and will bring you whatever you focus on. That’s why before we get started, I want you to take a deep breath and release all negative thoughts about money.

I am going to tell you why it’s okay for you to be rich and why you deserve every single penny.

We are going to work together to re-write our beliefs on money and attract the abundance we deserve.

What does it mean to you to be rich? Is it having a million dollars? Or having minimal material items and the freedom to travel? Is it eating exotic food whenever you please? Or does being rich mean to you having a warm home full of love? No matter what being rich looks like to you, you deserve every bit of it and you can have it all in this lifetime.

Isn’t it incredible Earth is millions of years old and we are alive in this time period? A time where women can be CEO’s, anyone can become a millionaire overnight, and there are endless opportunities no matter your age, race, or gender. (Seriously, there is a 6-year-old who makes millions from toy review videos on Youtube!!)

Money doesn’t answer all of our problems but it sure does make life a little bit easier. We get such a short amount of time on earth, we deserve to live it exactly how we want without the worries of money.

A sad truth is a lot of people don’t truly feel like they deserve the wealth they crave OR they feel that having that much money will make them a bad person. But it couldn’t be more opposite. We are a product of our environment and if you were raised in a family that had negative beliefs about money, you probably find yourself sharing those beliefs.

I Don’t Deserve To Be Wealthy

“I could never fit in with millionaires.”
“My parents are poor and we are on welfare, I will never be a millionaire.”
“I am not smart enough to be a millionaire.”
“People like me aren’t lucky enough to be rich.”
“Must be nice being rich and having no problems.”
“I could never afford that.”

Have you ever had one of these thoughts float across your mind? I’m sure we all have once or twice but if we continue allowing these thoughts to turn into core beliefs, then we are purposely blocking our abundance- for no reason at all.

No matter what you come from, how much money you have at this moment, who your family is, or what you look like, you can easily be a self-made millionaire.

Now, I say “easily” very lightly because it’s not actually easy at all. If you want to be a millionaire, you have to have a millionaire mindset. Before you dive into business plans, brands, and so forth you HAVE to get into the “money mindset”.

Believing you DESERVE a million dollars.

Next time a negative thought floats across your mind replace it with the new belief you are trying to create.

“I adapt easily to all people and situations and would thrive with millionaire friends.”
“I am grateful to be a self-made millionaire and my story of coming from nothing will inspire other people to do the same for themselves.”
“I am grateful for the world of technology where knowledge is at my fingertips and I can learn about any subject I want.”
“I deserve all the money in the world because I worked hard for every penny of it.”
“I understand everyone in the world has problems no matter how much money is in your bank account”.
“I use my millions to help others and make the world around me a better place.”

Repeat these thoughts (or whatever money affirmations resonate most with you) until you believe every word you’re saying. For more money affirmations make sure to follow our board on Pinterest.

Rich People Lie, Cheat, & Steal To Get Where They Are

It baffles me how many people block their abundance with the belief that people who are wealthy are bad people.
Yes, there are crooks out there and people who haven’t made an honest living, but that’s not you. It is 110% possible to be a self-made millionaire without burning, lying, or cheating anyone.
(However, don’t confuse that with making smart business moves. There will be times in your financial endeavors you will have to stop working with someone, fire someone, switch companies, manufacturers and so on. But you can do all of that with class, not with deceit. )

It is more than okay to be rich.
You are a good and deserving person.
You deserve a million dollars.
You deserve a billion dollars.
The more you give, the more you receive.
Money comes easily to you.
You share your millions of dollars with those who need it.
You are generous.
You are deserving.
You make smart business moves.
Being rich is a beautiful thing.
Life is meant to be lived in abundance.
Abundance is your birthright.
You deserve to have a happy life.


Before we go, there is one thing to remember: If you think money will fall in your lap with no effort then you are wrong. Law of Attraction practice will bring you the abundance you desire, but it has to be backed by inspired action. You won’t wake up one morning with 1.2million dollars in your bank account from doing absolutely nothing. Even those who win the lottery went out and bought a ticket. They had an inspired action that manifested their prosperity.

Do not allow other people’s stories to write your own or put you in fear of attaining your dreams.

“When we open our minds to the unlimited creative power, we will call forth abundance and see and experience a whole new world.”

Stay tuned the next couple of months because I will be writing more posts about self-made millionaires, those who inspire me, and habits of millionaires. Also, we will be releasing journals and planners at the beginning of the year designed to help you live the life of your dreams. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it.

Thank you,