4th of July Crafts for Toddlers


4th of july crafts for toddlers

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, filled with family, fun, and festivities. However, with a toddler running around, setting up for a party can be quite the challenge. I’ve found a wonderful way to keep my little one engaged and involved in the preparations while also keeping her out of trouble: DIY party decor crafts!

Here is the few things I bought for our 4th of July Party that I was able to use and then gave to Addy to create her own decorations:

In this post, I’m sharing three easy, fun, and toddler-friendly 4th of July crafts that double as party decorations. These crafts are not only simple and safe but also great for helping toddlers develop fine motor skills, color recognition, and counting abilities. Plus, there’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing your little one’s handiwork proudly displayed at your celebration.

4th of july crafts for toddlers

4th of July DIY Sensory Bottle

Craft #1: 4th of July Sparkler Sensory Bottle

Supplies Needed:

  • Empty water bottle
  • Water
  • Dish soap
  • Confetti (from party kit)
  • Pom poms
  • Glitter or other small decorative items


  1. Fill the Bottle: Start by filling an empty water bottle halfway with water.
  2. Add Soap: Add a quarter of the bottle’s volume with dish soap. This will help create bubbles and make the confetti and pom poms move around more.
  3. Add Decorations: Drop in some confetti, pom poms, glitter, or any other small decorative items you have from your party kit.
  4. Shake It Up: Secure the lid tightly and let your toddler shake the bottle to see the sparklers sparkle!

This craft is perfect for sensory play and can keep toddlers entertained long after the crafting is done. Plus, it’s virtually mess-free, just make sure the cap is on tight or super glue it on for extra safety!


Craft #2: DIY Hot Dog Station Banner

Supplies Needed:

  • Red striped banner (from party kit)
  • Glue dots
  • Pom poms


  1. Set Up the Banner: Lay out the red-striped banner from your party kit.
  2. Apply Glue Dots: Place glue dots along the red stripes.
  3. Add Pom Poms: Let your toddler pick out pom poms and stick them onto the glue dots, practicing their pinching and placement skills.

This craft is fantastic for fine motor skills development. The kids will love seeing their artwork hanging proudly over the hot dog station at the party!

4th of july crafts for toddlers

4th of july crafts for toddlers

Craft #3: Star Spangled Streamers

Supplies Needed:

  • Red and blue pipe cleaners
  • Glue dots
  • Confetti
  • Pom poms
  • Stars with strings (from party kit)
  • Scissors


  1. Twist the Pipe Cleaners: Take two pipe cleaners (one red, one blue) and twist them together.
  2. Create a Circle: Form the twisted pipe cleaners into a circle, making a wreath shape.
  3. Apply Glue Dots: Place glue dots all over the wreath.
  4. Add Decorations: Have your toddler stick confetti and pom poms onto the wreath.
  5. Attach Stars: Cut the stars from the party kit, keeping the string attached, and tie them to the wreath.
  6. Personalize: For added fun, let your child add their initial to one of the stars!

These streamers are a beautiful addition to any 4th of July party decor and are a fantastic way to involve your little ones in the preparations.


You know it’s a fun crafting day when your DreamCart looks like this!

DreamCart2: Crafting Made Easy

A big shoutout to DreamCart from @createroomco, which has made these activities even more enjoyable and organized. The DreamCart is perfect for storing all your crafting supplies in its numerous drawers and compartments. Its extendable table provides ample space for your little one’s creative projects, and it’s easy to clean up afterward. If you’ve been considering getting a DreamBox or DreamCart, now is the time!

I promise to do a DreamCart tour soon! I’m still organizing it, but I absolutely love it!

Including your toddler in party preparations can be a fun and educational experience for them and a great help for you. These simple 4th of July crafts for toddlers are a wonderful way to get started. Not only will your child feel proud to see their creations displayed, but you’ll also create beautiful memories together. Happy crafting, and have a fantastic 4th of July!