Why You Need To Plan Your Next Trip To Knott’s Berry Farm TODAY!


My husband and I recently spent a weekend in Orange County and he was DYING to visit Knott’s Berry Farm to get his rollercoaster fix. We ended up having a full day of fun, adventure, and SHOPPING!

For nearly one hundred years, Knott’s Berry Farm has been drawing fans from all over. What started as a small family farm soon grew into a world-famous destination thanks to Mrs. Knott’s legendary fried chicken dinners, boysenberries, and an Old West Ghost Town. Since then, the once small family farm has grown into today’s 160-acre family fun destination. Fun is always in season at Knott’s Berry Farm! With dozens of rides, shows, and attractions in four themed areas, there is something for everyone at Knott’s. Splash down the Timber Mountain Log Ride, featuring new scenes, thrills, and special effects. The new Boardwalk area offers rides and attractions for the whole family. Stroll along the streets of the Old West Ghost Town® where you’ll meet its many residents – but look out for bandits! Camp Snoopy, home of the PEANUTS Gang, will round out your day with pint-sized adventures in a high Sierra setting.

Knott’s Berry Farm has two parks you HAVE to plan a visit to. The first is their main, Knott’s Berry Farm Amusement Park & the second is the Knott’s Soak City Water Park. Both are fun for the whole family and if you are planning a trip to Knott’s you’d be missing out big time if you didn’t visit both parks.

I would suggest breaking up the parks into two separate days. You will need a full day at both and be super disappointed if you tried to rush them all into one. Continue reading for everything you need to know to plan your next trip! From tickets, park information, ride details, and more!


The best bang for your buck is the PLATINUM PASS which Includes Free Parking and Access to All Cedar Fair Parks. What’s awesome about this pass is you can do a payment plan so you don’t have to pay for the whole family in one large chunk. It is 5 Easy Payments of $35.50, after an initial payment of $40.50 which is due at the time of purchase. Or you can just pay the $218 in full.

If you don’t plan on traveling to any other Cedar Fair Parks during the year, then I would highly recommend the GOLD PASS. With the Gold Pass, you can enjoy unlimited visits to Knott’s Berry Farm and Knott’s Soak City Waterpark all season long. Plus, enjoy early entry to Knott’s Berry Farm and Knott’s Soak City on select days and special discounts on food and merchandise, hotel stays, and Knott’s Scary Farm. This pass is actually cheaper than purchasing the tickets for one-day separately and you can do a payment plan. Their payment plan is 5 Easy Payments of
$20.50, after an initial payment of $26.50 due at time of purchase. Or you can pay the $129 in full.


Knotts Berry Farm Map

Knotts Berry Farm Map

Knott’s Berry Farm is fun for all ages but if you LOVE rollercoasters then THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!!! My husband was SO EXCITED to go on GhostRider which is the longest, tallest, and fastest wooden roller coaster on the West Coast! But Knott’s is also so much more than just rollercoasters. What really stood out to me was how they rent out the shops in their Ghost Town to local artisans. We found so many amazing, handmade items for our home and got to chat with some really talented people. I felt like it was a great way to highlight local talent and remind everyone of the importance of shopping small and local.

Continue reading for our top 3 favorite rides, unique experiences, places to eat, and more!

You can find the full list of rides with thrill levels, height requirements, and more information here. 


  • Coast Rider
    • The 52 foot ascent to the top of Coast Rider will have everyone clinging to the handrails for the ultimate family coaster experience. The adventure aboard the ride gives guests the feeling of riding the California coast, but once they reach the crest, it is a harrowing journey down the 1,339 feet of track filled with hairpin turns, twists and spins. Height Requirement: 54 inches or 44 inches and accompanied by a supervising companion
  • Ghost Rider
    • GhostRider is the longest, tallest, and fastest wooden roller coaster on the West Coast! Looming 118 feet over historic Ghost Town, GhostRider is the largest attraction at Knott’s Berry Farm and one of the longest and tallest wooden roller coasters in the world. Brave riders enter a mysterious mine and board gold, silver or copper mining car before being sent galloping along over 4,500 feet of twisting timber. The massive roller coaster includes 14 hills providing tons of air time throughout the nearly three-minute journey. For the ultimate thrill, take a ride at night when every twist and turn is hidden in darkness.
    • GhostRider has been routinely featured on the lists of the best wooden coasters in the entire world since opening in 1998. In late 2015 through spring 2016, a complete track refurbishment was performed on the ride creating an improved ride experience with a smoother track and new trains. Height Requirement: 48”
    • Height: 118 Feet
      Speed: 56 MPH
      Length: 4,533 Feet
      Duration: 2:40
  • Silver Bullet
    • Silver Bullet at Knott’s Berry Farm flips upside down and all around during a thrilling two-minute roller coaster ride. Guests’ feet dangle below the ground as soon as the coaster train pulls out of the station. The inverted roller coaster then sends brave riders climbing up to a height of 146 feet before soaring back down with an initial drop of 109 feet into a track full of inversions. Riders will spiral, corkscrew, fly into a cobra roll, and experience overbanked curves as they find themselves upside down six times including the giant vertical loop of 105 feet. Silver Bullet’s 3,125 feet of track snakes in and around itself, high above a reflecting lake, providing incredible views of Knott’s throughout the ride.
    • Inversions & More Info:
      105 Feet Tall Loop
      Cobra Roll
      Zero-G Roll
      2 Corkscrews
      Height Requirement: 54”
      Speed: 55 MPH
      Height: 146 Feet
      Length: 3,125 Feet
      Duration: 2:10


Knotts Berry Farm

Knotts Berry Farm

Although I was 24 weeks pregnant when we visited, I don’t feel like I missed out one bit. There’s so much to see and do during your visit to Knott’s Berry Farm in addition to the park’s world-class rides and shows. There are one-of-kind experiences located throughout Knott’s, including Pan For Gold, the Blacksmith Shop, the Old Schoolhouse, Snoopy/Peanuts Gang Meet & Greet, Western Trails Museum and many more. It was important to me to have my husband ride the rollercoasters and while he did I was more than busy exploring all the fun things to do!


Okay, I have to admit- I mainly go to amusement parks just to eat & pig out. Who else is with me?! I was super impressed to find out that Knott’s Berry Farm has an executive chef who has spent 29 years perfecting all the meals inside the amusement park.

Executive Chef Bobby Obezo has brought an everlasting passion to the park’s culinary team. His culinary creations and team orientated workplace coupled with a deep passion for food has created new and different foods which have attracted people from around the world to taste and enjoy. His relentless dedication has not only established the Park as the destination for food, but also raised the epicurean bar. Mr. Obezo’s devotion and inspiration to Knott’s Berry Farm has yet to be dulled, bringing new and delicious experiences every day.

There were so many amazing places to eat but our favorites were:

  • Ghost Town Bakery
    • Your day is not complete without a trip to this hometown style bakery that serves up something for everyone. Start your day with a cup of hot coffee and your favorite baked goods including the colossal cinnamon buns made fresh daily at our Knott’s Berry Farm bakery. For a heartier lunch option, you can try our sourdough bread bowls with either Knott’s Famous Chili or Clam Chowder. Stuffed croissants and sandwiches are other savory options that can satisfy any craving. To satisfy that sweet tooth, you’ll find everything from Mrs. Knott’s Famous Boysenberry or Apple Pies to cookies, cake, fruit tarts, or even chocolate covered strawberries. Check back regularly for special Seasons of Fun food offerings. Coca Cola refreshments are also served here. Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options are available upon request.The Ghost Town Bakery is located directly across from GhostRider where you can enjoy your item of choice in this shaded nook at the edge of Ghost Town.
  • Grizzly Creek Lodge
    • Nestled in the woods of Camp Snoopy, Grizzly Creek lodge is the spot to have a delicious meal between adventures. Try our classic hamburgers featuring a build your own burger condiment bar with over a dozen items. You can also find hot dogs, pizza (whole and by the slice), chicken tenders, fresh salads and Snoopy’s Kids Meals. Dine inside or on the patio by Grizzly Creek Falls. Refresh and refill with a variety of ICEE and Coca Cola products. Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options are available upon request.
    • Dining Plan Options:
      Cheeseburger with French Fries
      Jumbo Hot Dog with French Fries
      Chicken Tenders with French Fries
      Grilled Chicken Sandwich with French Fries
      Mac & Cheese with Fruit
      Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza wedge & side salad
      Caesar Salad and Cheese Bread
      *Please note that dining plan options and locations are subject to change at any time
  • Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner
    • Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant first opened in 1934 with Mrs. Knott and her children serving the first customers in their tea room. The restaurant has grown over the years into one of the largest in California, but the classic fried chicken dinner is still made the same way today using Mrs. Knott’s recipes.
    • Every complete chicken dinner includes handmade biscuits, side salad, choice of cabbage or cherry rhubarb, three pieces of fried chicken and mashed potatoes smothered with gravy. For dessert: your choice of boysenberry pie or boysenberry sherbet. Many other dishes are also available including grilled chicken, salads, open-faced sandwiches and a number of appetizers. A full-service bar, serving signature boysenberry-infused cocktails, is also available.

We had such a blast at Knott’s Berry Farm and can’t wait to plan our next trip back!!

By the time the day is over, you will be heading back to your hotel room ready for a full nights rest. Especially if you have Day 2 planned at Knott’s Berry Farm Soak City. You’ll want to get all the sleep you can to prepare for another funfilled day!

Continue reading to learn all about Knott’s Berry Farm Soak City Water Park and for suggestions of places to stay for you next trip!


Knott's Berry Farm Soak City Map

Knott’s Berry Farm Soak City Map

Knott’s Berry Farm Soak City Water Park is open on select days mid-May through early-September. As Orange County’s largest water park, it has a total of 22 speed, tube and body slides plus a giant wave pool, lazy river, and interactive kids area.


  • Banzai Falls
    • Race against your friends in this thrilling water slide to see who is the fastest slider of them all. Grab your mat and get ready belly down, head first on this six (6) lane aquatic raceway. Climb your way up the 41-foot high Banzai Falls and let-er-rip. Height Requirement: 42 inches barefoot
  • Laguna Storm Watch Tower
    • Pray the weather clears on the Typhoon, Tornado and Cyclone tube slides atop the 43-ft.-high Laguna Storm Watch Tower. Ride alone or with a friend on your inflatable raft to help you steer through the stormy waters ahead. Water depth at this attraction is 3 ft. 6 in. Height Requirement: 42 inches barefoot. Rider Safety: Swimmers between the heights of 42 inches to 48 inches must wear a life vest to ride.
  • Old Man Falls
    • For the ultimate in gravity-defying thrills, try the speed-slide action of Pipeline, Point Break and Riptide atop 63-ft.-high Old Man Falls. Lie on your back and let-er-rip! Height Requirement: 48 inches barefoot. Rider Safety: Swimwear with metal or plastic ornamentation is not permitted on this attraction. T-Shirts are also not permitted unless they are made out of bathing suit material.

To make planning your next trip a breeze, you can view a list of all Knott’s Berry Farm Soak City rides including height and safety requirements here. 


You can find the full information, FAQ, & safety page here, but there are a few things I felt you need to know before you go!

  • Guests wearing bathing attire with metal buttons, rivets, zippers, or snaps will not be permitted to ride Old Man Falls, Storm Watch Tower, Malibu Run, Shore Break Tower, The Wedge, Banzai Falls, Beach House Slides, or Gremmie Lagoon Slides.
  • Footwear is not permitted on Soak City attractions. Aqua socks and aquatic style footwear are permitted on Banzai Falls and the Wedge.
  • Glassware and similar material with a tendency to shatter on impact are not permitted in Soak City.
  • Water toys, whistles, and inflatable assists are not permitted.
  • Life jackets are available for use throughout Soak City. Life jackets are complimentary and are available to any guest wishing to use one. Children, first-time swimmers, and weaker swimmers are encouraged to wear a life jacket.
  • For your convenience, lockers are located just inside the Soak City Main Gate. Various locker sizes are available for all of your personal belongings. Locker rentals are automated and can be paid using cash and credit cards. The lockers work with electronic pin codes and will allow unlimited access throughout the day. Locker access is available until Soak City is closed for the evening. Soak City cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.


Los Angeles is so big that if you are unfamiliar with the area, it can seem really confusing. They, of course, have the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel on site you can stay at for easy access & I’ll talk about that in just a minute. But if you are exploring some other areas while in Orange County, there are other towns you can look into that is just a quick drive to the park.

So Knott’s Berry Farm is located in Buena Park which has plenty of hotels right across the street to choose from. You can also stay in Anaheim which is a 10minute drive and you don’t have to worry about LA traffic. Orange is another great town to stay in and it’s only a 10-minute drive from the park. I wouldn’t suggest staying in Long Beach or Hollywood for the days you are visiting Knotts because they are about a 45+ minute drive and you have the chance of hitting LA traffic that can easily turn that into a 2-hour drive.

Our favorite places to stay while visiting Knott’s Berry Farm are:

  • Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel 
    • The Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel combines comfortable accommodations for both business and leisure. The full-service 320 room hotel features a SNOOPY-themed wing, fitness center, pool with children’s activity area, lighted sports courts and many other amenities. Dining options including Amber Waves, specializing in All-American fare and hotel room service. A variety of affordable family vacation packages, including admission to Knott’s Berry Farm, are available year-round with special early admission into Knott’s Berry Farm during the summer.
  • Ayres Hotel, Orange
    • Experience a distinctive escape near all the best OC attractions. Save 15% now! Free Fast WiFi. Best Price Guarantee. Free Breakfast. Free Parking. Amenities: American Breakfast Buffet, Heated Outdoor Pool & Spa, Wifi Access, Business Center, Fitness Center, & Guest Parking.
    • 10-15 minute drive with a very low chance of getting stuck in any traffic
  • Radisson Suites Hotel Anaheim – Buena Park
    • A 2-minute walk from the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, this down-to-earth all-suite hotel is a mile from Knott’s Berry Farm and 7 miles from Disneyland® Resort.

Well, I hope you guys have enjoyed today’s post! I would love if you tagged my Instagram @pickingdaisiesblog in your next Knott’s Berry Farm pictures!!! I hope you all have a blast on your next trip and if you have any questions, drop a comment below!

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