Mompush Stroller Review: Ultimate 2 and Lithe V2


As a mom, I have used my fair share of baby and kid products. And, if you’re anything like me, you don’t want to waste your time and money on gear that isn’t practical and quality-made– especially when it comes to strollers. We use them every single day and rely on them not only for getting kiddo from point A to point B, but also as a napping space, and even a dining space. Mompush Stroller is a company that creates high quality strollers that are dependable, practical, cost-effective, and stylish. 

With several options to choose from, Mompush has truly created an option for everyone. From full-size, to travel, to double strollers, Mompush has all of your bases covered. AND, perhaps most important of all, they are priced so reasonably– especially compared to other high-end strollers on the market. Their sleek and minimal design makes them so attractive and we all know that a stylish product is a lot more fun to use— even a stroller!

With all of the traveling that our family does, I love that the Mompush Lithe and Mompush Lithe V2 are compact and lightweight. Their intuitive design makes them perfect for all kinds of traveling. With a convenient pull handle and ultra compact fold, they can roll along with you and the rest of your luggage making traveling with kids a breeze. Even though they are travel strollers, they still come with the full functionality that you want in an everyday stroller. Full recline makes them great for napping, the included snack tray makes them convenient for snacking on the go, and the user-friendly one handed quick fold makes them efficient and convenient.

Mompush Stroller Review: Ultimate 2 and Lithe V2

Mompush Ultimate2 Baby Stroller for Toddler with Removable Bassinet, Reversible Stroller Seat – Full-Size for Comfortable Outings with Baby – Smooth Glide Bassinet Stroller

For a more substantial option, the Mompush Ultimate 2 is a full size stroller that grows with your child. It comes with a newborn bassinet, car seat adapters, and a reversible infant/toddler seat that accommodates up to 50lbs. Not to mention, its all terrain wheels make it perfect for the outdoor enthusiast that wants to take baby on all sorts of adventures. With the Ultimate 2, you can have the peace of mind that you are set from birth until baby grows out of the stroller phase. No need to buy multiple strollers as baby grows– such a great money-saving feature.

What makes Mompush Strollers even more impressive is their 100 day free trial. They want you to truly love your product and have a guarantee to back it up. Purchase the Ultimate 2 and try it out for up to 100 days– if you’re not happy with it, return it for a full refund. It really is that easy. When a company stands by their products the way that Mompush does, it makes me all the more confident in supporting and purchasing from them.

Mompush Stroller Review_ Ultimate 2 and Lithe V2

Mompush Lithe Lightweight Stroller, Compact One-Hand Fold Travel Stroller for Airplane Friendly, Reclining Seat and Large Canopy, with Rain Cover & Travel Carry Bag & Cup Holder

As you plan for baby, or as you consider a stroller upgrade, I can’t sing Mompush’s praises enough. The durability of their strollers and their features is unmatched– especially considering their price point. As someone who prioritizes travel for my family, I am so pleased with their travel stroller options. Anything to make traveling with a toddler easier, I am so on board with! Be sure to check out all of Mompush’s products here!

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This is a must for the family on-the-go. Ultra-lightweight and super compact Lithe stroller is airplane friendly and adventure ready. The pull along handle acts just like your luggage, simple fold down, extend the handle and away you go!

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