Puerto Vallarta Picking Daisies Media Manager Retreat


2022 was a HUGE year for Picking Daisies Media! We had our very first team retreat and let me just tell you, we did it right. Staying in Puerto Vallarta was a literal dream and we loved every minute of it. Our resort, Velas Vallarta was the perfect place for us to bond together, plan for the future of PDM, and reignite the passion we all have for serving our clients. Being right on the beach was absolutely dreamy and helped us to completely relax and settle into the luxury of our stay. Every experience we shared was truly memorable and I have to give so much credit to our location for making the trip as wonderful as it was! 

Puerto Vallarta Picking Daisies Media Manager Retreat

Upon arriving, Velas Vallarta welcomed us with a guacamole welcome party that was more than just a snack– it was an entire show! The chefs prepared the most delicious guacamole right in front of us and it was such a cool experience. And, of course, the guac was SO GOOD! We were also served spicy mango jalapeno margaritas that I am still dreaming about now (if you know, you know–this is a personal fave of mine!!). The entire experience was the best way to kick off our trip– especially since we were all tired and starving after a long travel day. It was such a unique welcome treat that I can’t imagine getting anywhere else! 

Velas Vallarta Guacamole Welcome Party

Our suite was massive and perfectly appointed with everything we needed for a luxury stay. The views of the ocean were gorgeous and the authentic Mexican design of the space really made us feel like we were in Puerto Vallarta. The patio was my favorite part because of the breathtaking view– the best place to relax, have coffee, and just take in the scenery. We couldn’t have asked for a more accommodating or relaxing location for our retreat. It is literal paradise! We started each morning on our patio, enjoying the sunrise with a cup of coffee!

Velas Vallarta Welcome To Your Suite

Our first full day was filled with adventure– an ATV tour booked through Estigo Tours. We got to see an up close view of the city, the jungle, and then were surprised with the cutest little restaurant and bar where we got to rest, make our own tortillas, and do a tequila tasting. The ATV experience was meant to get us out of our comfort zones and get our adrenaline pumping– and it definitely succeeded. But, the experience was just so special and relaxing that it was like two full experiences in one. Not to mention, professional photos were included! So, we were able to get some great photos to document our amazing adventure. 

After a day of adventuring, we went back to Velas Vallarta and took full advantage of the pool and swim-up bar. You may have seen our live on Instagram– we were having an absolute blast! The setting, the experiences, and– let’s be real– the drinks! allowed us to fully unwind and just spend time laughing together and being completely free. It was such a fun night in a breathtaking location. 

Day 3 was a really important day for the PDM team as we spent the day honoring ourselves as women. We had beachside massages that were so luxurious and centering. Then, we had our make-up professionally done and had the ultimate hype photoshoot on the gorgeous beach. We finished out the day with the most unforgettable beach dinner where we were able to connect with each other and reflect on our growth as individuals and as a team. This dinner was such an important part of our retreat for bonding, vision-casting, and simply basking in the beauty of life. We were even treated with an unexpected gift from mother nature– we got to watch a sea turtle lay eggs on the beach! Just another reason why Puerto Vallarta is so magical. 

Picking Daisies Media Velas Vallarta Beach Dinner

It is so important to me that we purpose to empower each other and empower the women around us to be successful in whatever we set out to do. That is what made this trip so important for PDM. We are a group of women who value each other, value our clients, and work so hard to be uplifting to the women in our community. Social media can be a very toxic world and PDM is determined to affect change for the better. We should be empowering each other to be our best selves, we should be uplifting and encouraging each other to reach for and achieve every goal we set for ourselves. 

Picking Daisies Media Team

I am so thankful for the time we shared together on this incredible trip and all of the experiences we were able to have. Everything from the guacamole party to the ATV adventure, to our day of pampering, was absolutely unforgettable. It was the perfect environment for us to connect and dream about what comes next for PDM. Be sure to check out my Instagram to see all of my posts about our Puerto Vallarta dream vacation!