The Best Hotel In Texas: Pivovar Hotel


Waco, Texas. It has become a hot destination in the last few years and for many reasons. Chip and Joanna Gaines, two people, a renovation show, an entire design mecca set in the South– we know all about Magnolia and the Silos. But you probably haven’t heard about Pivovar, the BEST place to stay in Waco and arguably all of Texas. Pivovar is so much more than a hotel, it is truly a destination, and I’m here to tell you why.

I recently had the pleasure of staying at Pivovar while attending the Achieve Conference in Waco, Texas and I was honestly amazed by how cool of a place it is. With its Czech roots and eastern European charm, Pivovar is truly a hidden gem. Originally established as a brewery, Pivovar soon expanded to include a full restaurant, beer garden, hotel, bakery, and a beer spa. It’s like its own little city!

Staying at the Pivovar hotel was an incredible experience. With their boutique style, each room was unique and featured elements that made us feel like we were getting a taste of European accommodations. Every room features all of the amenities you need for your stay as well as a luxurious bonus– a copper soaking tub in some rooms! From studio suites all the way up to two bedroom suites, Pivovar can accommodate practically any size family, and do it in gorgeous style.

The Pivovar restaurant features a unique dining experience that blends European and Texan cuisine in a deliciously unexpected way. I mean, they serve a “Czexan Breakfast Platter”– does it get any more unique than that? And, of course, their menu features an array of beer options from their very own brewery as well as decadent desserts and breads from their bakery.

The Best Hotel In Texas Pivovar Hotel

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True to their roots, Pivovar is proud to feature authentic Czech beer in their on-site brewery. Pilsners and lagers are their specialty, in keeping with the Czech tradition of beer-making that makes the Pivovar brews exceptionally delicious. To enjoy your libations, there is a beer garden that boasts being one of the city’s largest outdoor hangouts– just another way of getting a taste of Europe, right in the middle of Texas!

The European experience isn’t complete without a Czech-inspired bakery. With delicious house-made breads and desserts all created in the European baking tradition, you are sure to love every single thing you order and leave only craving more.

Now that I’ve given you the rundown on this total surprise of a destination, I’ll let you in on one final little secret. Pivovar is directly next to the Magnolia Silos! In fact, several rooms have a gorgeous view of the Magnolia empire. The location is unparalleled as you can enjoy every thing that Pivovar has to offer while also getting to experience all things Magnolia.

Waco is truly more than what you’ve heard and Pivovar is proof of that. The fact that you can experience a taste of Europe in Texas is so unexpected and so cool! The Czech roots of Pivovar and the history that it showcases leaves you with memories and experiences that go deeper than just a typical hotel stay. You leave with a lasting impression of the passion and pride for the Czech culture, as well as memories of a wonderful stay and delicious food and drinks. 

Be sure to add Pivovar to your travel bucket list to experience all of the unexpected goodness that I was able to!