The Perfect Holiday Gift For Dads, Husbands, and Brothers: MEATER Plus


This is the time of year filled with get-togethers all about food. It seems like every party is centered around the kitchen. And, let’s be real, the most anticipated part of practically every holiday meal is the meat! And the worst thing that can possibly happen is something going wrong with it– whether beef, chicken, turkey, fish, or pork– no one wants over or undercooked meat (or food poisoning. I just had that and I can live happily if it never happens again). This is where MEATER comes in.

MEATER is a tool that makes meat-cooking mistakes a thing of the past. More than just a meat thermometer, the MEATER Plus is a high tech probe that has wifi connectivity so you can keep track on your meat without ever having to open the oven. No more wasting the heat by opening, pulling out the meat, reading the thermometer and putting back in. You can check right on the app exactly where your meat is at vs where it needs to be to be fully cooked for the type of meat you chose. My mom got it for my step-dad last year as a Christmas gift and it is the most used tool in their kitchen even a year later. So when I was asking for ideas for Chad for Christmas, my mom and step-dad both said MEATER. Looking online there is MEATER Original and MEATER Plus. I went with the MEATER Plus since it has 5x longer range than the original MEATER! The probe connects to an innovative app that allows you to step away from the grill, oven, rotisserie– practically any appliance or meat-cooking gadget– and cook your meat to delicious and juicy perfection while watching the game (hubby obviously not me lol) or spending time with the family. 

MEATER Plus With Bluetooth® Repeater The world's best selling meat thermometer with a built-in Bluetooth repeater! Get freedom from your grill, smoker, or kitchen.

The world’s best selling meat thermometer with a built-in Bluetooth repeater! Get freedom from your grill, smoker, or kitchen.

It is so easy to use and the case MEATER comes in, is a charging case. What I love about it is that it is battery operated so if it dies I don’t have to worry about wasting time plugging it in (or losing the cord) and can replace the battery. A single AAA battery charges the probe up to 100 times! It is seriously the most efficient and functional (not to mention beautiful!) charger for this amazing device. To get it set up to the MEATER app, you simply insert the probe into whatever cut of meat you are cooking, select the appropriate type of meat from the app, the way you want it cooked, and then place it in the oven (or other appliance), and start the intuitive timer. The app will even set a resting timer once the cooking timer ends and the meat is removed from the oven. It’s honestly as easy as that. The fact that the app itself alerts you when the meat is done cooking is so convenient!

I am not the best cook, like I avoid the kitchen at all costs. But I wanted to play around with my step-dad’s to see if it’s something Chad would use and cooked the family a rotisserie chicken for dinner over the weekend (Chad had no idea my intentions behind it and while I showed him how cool it is to hype it up, I didn’t overly giveaway that I was scouting out his Christmas gift.) OH MY GOODNESS my chicken came out PERFECT. Everyone thought I had an already made rotisserie hidden somewhere because I’m that bad of a cook but the meat came out THAT perfect. Thanks to MEATER I didn’t have to guess and was able to know exactly the temp of my chicken.

100% Wire-Free: No wires. No fuss. The first truly wireless smart meat thermometer.

You can use it on everything from a chicken breast, to a tri tip, to the true test of one’s meat-cooking skills– the Thanksgiving turkey! I can’t wait to use my step-dad’s on mine this year (Chad’s is already wrapped and waiting to be used on the Prime Rib for Christmas day) and have the juiciest, most tender turkey we’ve ever cooked. For real, I am so excited to put this thing to use as we prepare our Thanksgiving feast!

The MEATER is such a great cooking tool that I think every kitchen needs to have. Who doesn’t want tender, juicy, perfectly cooked meat at every single meal? We all do! This holiday season, be prepared with the MEATER Plus and show off your skills in the kitchen. And, gift one to the grilling lover or home cook in your life. You’ll be a hero this Thanksgiving with the most perfectly cooked turkey that everyone will be talking about for years to come. The MEATER Plus can practically guarantee it!

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