Ultimate October Scary Movie List: from kids to adults, something for everyone


Now that October is here, I have to admit I am a huge scary movie fan! I absolutely LOVE cuddling up on the couch and getting the sh*t scared out of me ( I may be singing a different tune when it is 3am and I can’t sleep). Although I usually get TERRIFIED I can’t help but to read scary books & stories and watch all the creepy movies we can get our hands on.

With cooler weather, pumpkin patches everywhere, all you need is a good scary movie to really embrace the spooky holiday. This is the time of year you will start to see all the new scary movies advertising but I have to say, they don’t make them like they used too.

So I put together the Ultimate October Scary Movie List guaranteed to give you the creeps! Categorized below, you will find something for everyone.

Most of these movies are streamable on Netflix, Prime TV, Hulu, or On Demand.

Happy Hauntings!

Terrifying Scary Movie Night

Creepy Movie Night

Classic Scary Movie Night

Kid Friendly Scary Movie