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My family and I are at our happiest when we're off on an adventure (or sinking into our own bed after one—there's truly no place like home). We love exploring new places, trying out fun experiences, taking our time to savor each moment, and meeting new people along the way. My toxic trait is that I think booking a plane ticket somewhere will solve all my problems. If this sounds like your kind of fun, let's be friends! 🌍✈️

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Picking Daisies Blog blossomed in 2018, born from my need for a creative escape while navigating the grief of multiple miscarriages and losing my Grandma. At its heart, this blog has always been about connection and inspiration. I aim to empower women to fully embrace the era they're in, fostering deep connections with themselves and their families while discovering the romance in everyday moments. Here, you'll find everything from tried-and-true family travel tips to lifestyle and wellness tips that bring harmony and happiness into your daily life. 

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