Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar for Kids + Toddlers


Where are all my extra af moms at?!

I may not be the best cook or have the time of my life doing all of the crafts but I literally LIVE for holidays. Themes, countdowns, and festivities are my JAM. Especially the better I’m getting planning in advanced and thanks to the wonderful inspiration on Pinterest/Instagram I am starting to fall into my holiday groove.

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. Cheesy or not, it’s when my husband and I started dating SEVEN FREAKING YEARS AGO. Plus everything is pink, sparkly, and filled with so much love!! Anyways, I was browsing Pottery Barn Kids a few weeks back and I found this TO DIE FOR Mickey Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar. It was on sale for $35 and you could even customize it with their name. I didn’t have to high of hopes on the quality because I felt the price point for Pottery Barn Kids WITH personalization was too good to be true.


Picking Daisies Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar for Kids and Toddlers

Picking Daisies Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar for Kids and Toddlers l Pottery Barn

Oh my god when it came it was even MORE perfect. Stitched embroidery, thick fabric, and overall very well made. It gave me the idea to make it fun and create a 14 day countdown to Valentine’s Day for Addy.

I didn’t go too crazy some days are books and other days are a little more. But instead of making one big Valentine’s Day basket I spread it out over the 14 days. And on the days I did books I went through my book stash on books I haven’t circulated yet or that she has forgotten about that were on theme and wrapped them. I think I only bought 3 books total.

14 Day Advent Calendar Gift Ideas for Kids and Toddlers

Picking Daisies Blog Advent Calendar Valentine's Day Countdown for Toddlers and Kids

Picking Daisies Blog Advent Calendar Valentine’s Day Countdown for Toddlers and Kids

I kept the wrapping pretty simple. I mean I love a good aesthetic but she is more concerned about what’s inside so I stuck to these cute little bags and tissue paper I found on Amazon. I used heart dollies I got for other crafts to number them and then put the gifts in either the bag or wrapped in tissue. Then I had some lace and ribbon laying around that I gave it a little extra flare.

You can shop all items from Amazon here or stroller the Target Dollar Spot.

Now the fun stuff- what did I put inside?!

I had 3 main items that were for every day, those are:

  • Kid Affirmation Cards: I put in one card per day and then we store the card in the advent calendar and read all she has collected so far daily! Addy really picked up on this and started bringing them to me saying “Addy Smart!”
  • Choc Zero Chocolate Bars: They have 0 sugar in them and have hazelnuts so I count this as a healthy snack win!
  • Red Bubble Wands: You can get them on Amazon or the Target Dollar Spot has a multi-color bundle and I just took out all the red and pink ones.


Then I added 1-2 specialty items!

 Picking Daisies Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar for Kids and Toddlers

Picking Daisies Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar for Kids and Toddlers

It doesn’t have to be expensive or big gifts everyday. This is all I would include in a themed box or gift basket. Most of the books I have had collected but haven’t really been read so it was the perfect time to wrap them up and make them new and exciting!!

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