What We Don’t Talk About During Pregnancy

They’re our inner thoughts— the ones we are too ashamed to share with anyone around us. The ones that make us wonder— am I crazy? Am I being ungrateful? Is there something wrong with me?   Pregnancy hits each of us in different ways. We all experience the highs and lows

The Perfect Gift For ANYONE On ANY Occasion

I am all for getting someone the newest trend or the one thing they've been eyeing all year. But to me, the best gift anyone could ever get is something handmade, unique, and sentimental. @Burnbabyburngoods is the shop that creates THAT special gift. Gianna is one of the most talented people

Holiday Shopping Guide For Men: Unique Gifts They Will LOVE

I used to think shopping for men was hard, but now they're my favorite people to shop for. I feel like guys appreciate funky gifts and you can find some really unique things they will absolutely love. (And when all else fails- video games & cologne). I have put together