10 Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage In One Week

I know, todays blog sounds like total click bait. But I can promise you it's not. I really have the secret to a strong, happy, long marriage. Wanna know what it is? Gratitude. Yep. You heard that right. Practicing gratitude daily in your marriage will strengthen it faster than anything else. Think about all the
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BOOK REVIEW: The French Girl by Lexie Elliott

The French Girl by Lexie Elliott Published: February 20, 2018 Publisher: Berkley Books 304 Pages 3/5 Stars What could go wrong on a vacation with your friends in France?   They were six university students from Oxford spending a week together in a French Farmhouse. It was supposed to be a perfect getaway until they met

Do You Want To Be An Influencer?

A couple weeks ago my step-dad said, “What you’re doing as an influencer, some people can make thousands of dollars just for posting for a company.” I have to be honest, I cringed. I HATE the word Influencer. This teacher friend of mine wrote a post on Facebook how she asked

When A Baby Is Born, So Is A Newborn Mother

July 26th, 2019 1:09am, Addyson Jean Zingarelli was born July 26th, 2019 1:10am, Mariah Zingarelli, a newborn mother, was born. Nothing will ever compare to the birth of your first born. When they were born, so were you. You shed your previous self and became a newborn mother. You start to feel the